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Secrets Behind Indian Women’s Gorgeous Hair

Women in India keep their hair long, healthy, and shiny. It’s one of their traditions. It’s what emphasizes their unique beauty and national style. As a matter of fact, according to a recent study, Indian women have the thickest, smoothest, and healthiest hair in the world. And that doesn’t just come with good genes and a specific diet.

Long, wonderfully thick, gorgeous, incredibly glossy, and utterly strong-looking… The secrets behind the mesmerizing tresses of most Indian women are what we’ve always lusted for. At, we’ve researched the issue in detail, and are now ready to share our revelations with you. Enjoy reading.

No More Washing Your Hair on a Daily Basis

Yes, most women in India wash their hair two times a week maximum. That way, their scalp gets enough time to regrease and i.e. create natural hair protection against harmful environmental issues. If you try washing your hair less frequently, you will definitely notice the difference this approach makes.

Hair Care Routine Is Taught in Childhood

Indian women begin taking good care of their hair at a very young age. For example, their mothers introduce them to the perks of coconut oil almost right after they’re born. Women in India give their hair oil massages on a regular basis and keep up to a healthy diet.

Saying No to Hot Showers

According to our sources, women in India do their best to avoid hot showers. The thing is, rinsing your hair with hot water redries your strands out. Therefore, based on this information, the team of hair care pros recommends that you stick with lukewarm water when showering and washing your hair.

Exotic Haircare Ingredients

Indian women use hair care products that contain ingredients you must’ve never heard of. Aren’t you all curious? Here are some of them, along with the benefits they come with:

  • henna: aside from its coloring properties, this ingredient helps with hydrating, detangling, and managing frizzy hair
  • amla (also referred to as Indian gooseberry): it prevents gray hair, stimulates hair growth, and reduces hair loss
  • saffron: it protects your hair from damages and generally helps in treating hair loss
    hibiscus: this amazing vitamin C-rich herb boosts hair growth, acts as a natural conditioner, prevents premature graying, and nourishes your strands to perfection
  • rosemary: if you rinse your hair with rosemary water, it will assist greatly with scalp irritation, cleansing, and adding that extra shine to your gorgeous mane
  • bhringraj: it nourishes your hair and enhances hair growth
  • coconut oil: this gem of an ingredient improves scalp health, helps moisturize dry hair, as well as adds shine and softness to your strands
  • ginger: cures dandruff, prevents your hair from thinning, and adds that natural shine to your strands

Haircare That Extends from Skincare

According to certain Indian beauty experts, the most significant distinction between the way women practice their hair care rituals in the USA and India is that in India women take care of their hair just as they would approach their face care routine. To cut a long story short, Indian women are wise enough to be more focused on preventative measures rather than treatment.

They engage in massaging cold-pressed oils into their tresses several times a week and apply coconut oil for protection even when they go outside, just like we use face creams with SPF in the United States. We at Monica’s Blog consider the approach of Indian women to their hair exceptionally wise. We’ve tested the exotic ingredients listed above and confirm that they really do work wonders with your hair.